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The free Wi-Fi service with power outlets and 3G services can be found in several places in the U.S., but it's really hard to find which is the best free Wi-Fi coffee in your region.

New Deal Cafe - (113 Centerway Roosevelt Center Greenbelt, MD 20770) - The New Deal Cafe is located in the historic Roosevelt Center in the heart of Old Greenbelt. Enjoy a movie at the movie theater across the plaza, and join us for dinner afterwards. Enjoy live music six nights a week! Try our gourmet wine selection. Have a latte and read your email using our free wifi internet access.

Zocalo Coffeehouse (645 Bancroft @ Dutton San Leandro, CA 94577) - Zocalo Coffeehouse is a locally owned independent coffee shop and toaster located in San Leandro, California. The name, which means "city square" or "downtown," was chosen to reflect the goal of building the community, focusing not only on the product, but also on the location itself. It's not just about coffee or tea, it's about the community.

Roasted coffee at home
Organic and fair trade coffee
Bakery and Bagels
Free wireless Internet access (wi-fi)
Fruit smoothies and shakes
Indoor Children's Space
Open 365 days a year
Alameda County Certified Green Enterprise

Bean Town Coffee House and bakery -- a unique coffee house and bakery located in the beautiful Sierra Madre! For more than 15 years, Bean Town has been brewing coffee and baking all kinds of treats. We pride ourselves on using the best ingredients to serve you a quality product. Bean Town is proud to serve The Sierra Madre Roasting Company's own brand coffee that we roast and brew to perfection. With our on-site kitchen and bakery we create homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, quiches and other comfort foods. Bake daily - fresh cookies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, buns, muffins, croissants, the list goes on. We also serve the world-famous Fossel men's ice cream, and a variety of frozen mixed drinks.

Tiago espresso bar and kitchen - (7080 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028) - In Tiago, the execution of coffee has its roots in the Italian tradition, in which coffee is embraced as a culinary art. Coffee is a delicious, sweet and complex fruit, with a range of flavors that reflect its soil, altitude, pruning and roasting. By controlling factors such as extraction rate, coarseness of grinding and consideration of environmental factors such as humidity and temperature, our baristas practice the careful methods necessary to achieve a perfect espresso in every cup. The most important thing is the freshness of the grain and the way it is prepared. We just grind and prepare each cup to order, such is our goal to serve the perfect cup of coffee.

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